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Optimec Consultants offers a wide range of computer-aided engineering services and best-in-class engineering software to help customers drive innovations by using simulation-driven design processes.

Advanced Finite Element Analysis and product optimization is the core of our expertise.

With more than 20 years working in CAE consulting and software sales, our specialists possess a rich and diversified stock of knowledge and expertise to successfully support customers in new product development projects.


Leince Remson Élysée

PLM Functional Consultant

During his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Polytechnique de Montréal, Leince has developed his technical skills in design and manufacturing that he experienced in various industries. His interest in mathematical modelling brings him in research and development team at Polytechnique where he was developing new numerical particles. Beside his technical experiences, he was an active member of EWB’s (Engineering Without Borders Canada) Polytechnic’s chapter where he used his management skills as president to develop many aspects of the chapter. When he graduated, he joined Optimec Consultant as a Functional PLM Consultant, where he combines his technical with his management skills to help clients build robust processes in the development of their product.

Brandon Recine

CATIA Applications Specialist

Brandon’s interest in advancing technology and applied mechanics led him to pursue a DEC in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Dawson College, with a focus on 3D CAD and design. His career began in earnest in the manufacturing industry compiling technical manuals for and designing of stretch wrapping machinery. Here, he was able to develop and expand upon his competence in the 3D CAD domain.  In 2018, an opportunity presented itself for Brandon to work in the construction industry as a BIM solution technician. His ability to learn new software and problem solving allowed him to adapt and succeed in the new environment.   Brandon joined Optimec Consultants in 2021 as a 3D CAD specialist. 

Lamine Diallo

Director PLM & CAD Services

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal, Lamine started his career in the consulting world for a major PLM solution provider. At the beginning of his career, he worked on projects for a major Automotive OEM customer. This opportunity allowed him to travel to Japan, where he spent two years collaborating with this client’s R&D team. Back in Montreal in 2005, following his interests in business management, Lamine reoriented his career towards PLM consulting in the aerospace, automotive and oil and gas industries. In the meantime, he pursued a master’s in business administration to further his knowledge and skills. In 2020, after a transition in the construction industry, Lamine joined Optimec Consultant as a solution architect for PLM solutions. 

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